Alternation of generation

Martin Steger steps into his father's, Dr. Gerhard Steger's shoes

The last weeks brought a lot of changes for the company ies.

In November 2008 our long time CEO Dr. Gerhard Steger died at the age of 63 after a long disease but still much too early. His son Martin Steger (34) steps into his father's shoes now and is the new CEO since October 2008 of the ies GmbH and Co. KG.

After his studies in Electrical Engineering at the university of Aachen, he was assigned with distribution duties for the companies ies and Kontron since 2000. He looks ahead confident on the upcoming new challenges and responsibilities.

Martin Steger is proud to continue the familiy business, which is conducted by the family Steger since 1997, and will do that in memory and in terms of his father.

Alternation of generation