ARM Technology

Projects with the worldwide most sold processor architecture 2011

The broad success of the ARM architecture does not stop at the requirements of industrial electronics.

The company ies has already anticipated this development in 2003. Since then our know-how in this area of technology has continuously expanded.

Hereby we have already used the Microcontroller ICs of various manufacturers and have experience with the products of the ARM Semiconductor manufacturers such as Intel, Atmel, Samsung, Nvidia and Freescale.

Together with the technically mature Gentoo Linux development environment and our services to configure and customize a production-ready iesy Linux operating system, the ARM platforms supported by ies are an ideal complement to our other product lines with the x86 computer architecture.

Due to the outstanding power-saving features as well as the now excellent performance for CPU and graphical calculations, we use ARM processors in various application areas of industrial electronics.

ARM Technology