Donation for Department of Music

Two congas for the Protestant Gymnasium Meinerzhagen

Recently, iesy was awarded EMEA Sales Partner Platinum for 2015 and 2016 by congatec. A great success for iesy, following the start of the sales partnership in 2014. In addition to two awards, iesy was also given two professional congas as a gift in order to continue drumming up business for both companies.

But what do you do in your everyday life with two congas? This question left iesy Managing Director Martin Steger no rest, since the instruments are too valuable to simply be left standing around. And also for reasons of space a solution, which offers advantages for all sides had to be found - also for congatec as the original donor of the congas. "As a former student of the Protestant Gymnasium in Meinerzhagen, I know that musical education is given a high priority," says Martin Steger explaining the donation of the instruments to the EGM. In addition to headmaster Sven Dombrowski, the musical department of the Gymnasium was also very enthusiastic. When the congas were handed over by iesy Head of Marketing Ansgar Hein, class 5b surprised the audience with a musical performance, directly including the new congas.

"We hope that the students of the EMG will continue to enjoy the congas for a long time," Ansgar Hein went on explaining the motivation of iesy to donate the musical instruments. The joy in the expression of the students of the 5b could easily be observed. Without the teacher's guidance, the cup song was quickly improvised on the two instruments by a number of stutdents. The cup song is a gossip rhythm with a cup or mug which is very popular among young people these days. iesy would like to thank the musical department with Mr. Otto, Mr. Erdmann and Mr. Kleinitz for the musical surprise at the presentation of the congas as well as to Mrs. Brocksieper, who spends a lot of time acting as a highly committed sponsoring contact at the EGM.

Gruppenbild mit Congas: Schüler und Lehrer des Evangelischen Gymnasiums Meinerzhagen sowie Vertreter von iesy