Intel Bay Trail Platform

sample boards and evaluation kits available

Only one month after the official Intel launch of the Bay Trail processor architektur with 22nm technology ies announces the first computer modules and boards with with Intel® processors of the Atom? E38xx family.

Now for the first time ies can provide Quad Core CPUs with only 10 Watt Thermal Design Power (average power consumption value provided from the manufacturer) in their embedded systems.

A further highlights is the industrial temperature range (-40 ... +85°C) and the latest 7th generation Intel HD-Graphics with three times the performace of a comparable architecture from Intel.

ies offers for a selected number of products an availablitity guarantee until 2020.

In 2014 ies will launch the Bay Trail Platform on the following embedded platforms:

  - COM Express®
  - SMARC®
  - Intel® NUC (Next Unit Computing)
  - Pico-ITX
  - Mini-ITX
  - CompactPCI®

You can find a detailed overview of the available processors and their features here.


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Intel Bay Trail Platform