COM Express Type 7

Webinar on the standard of the future

Do you know the advantages of COM Express Type 7? In our practice-oriented webinar "COM Express Type 7 - The Standard of the Future", you will learn why this is a new server-standard for high-speed and high-performance and how you can use this for your applications.

What are the differences are between COM Express Type 6 and Type 7? Do you know that you can realize up to 4 x 10Gb Ethernet with COM Express Type 7? The new PICMG standard provides a true server-on-module approach to embedded systems previously reserved for IT data centers. Industry 4.0, security, healthcare and other applications that require the highest levels of performance and high-speed data transfer benefit the most from COM Express Type 7. In our webinar you will learn for which applications the new modules are suitable and how you can quickly and easily get to a customized solution for your application.

In addition, this is what you will learn in the webinar on 15.11.2017 at 10am (CET):

  • What are the differences between Type 6 and Type 7?
  • What advantages COM Express Type 7 offers for demanding applications
  • How complex solutions on COM Express Type 7 basis can be

Register now for our free webinar on 15.11.2017 at ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. Together with our partner Kontron, we will bring you closer to the topic, offering an entertaining and practical approach. Learn how to get from the module to a customer-specific complete solution with COM Express type 7.

COM Express Typ 7: Der Standard der Zukunft