SIL-2 development project

Supervision of security relevant control tasks

To supervise the operations of a fully automatic robot arm, the company ies currently develops a SIL-2 certified control system with an approval according to the rating of functional safety DIN EN 61508 by the Technical Inspection Association Rhineland (RW-TÜV).

The monitoring board MB45, conceived and designed by ies,  is characterized by the fully redundant design of the ARM9 compatible main processor with a mutual monitoring of the processes implemented on a serial interface.

ies develops and manufactures besides the ARM-based monitoring board MB45 SIL-2 also the main board of the ETX-based control computer MB43, for implementation in the autonomous mobile robot base of the required total unit.

Important parts of the overall system are not only the hardware but also the software communication modules on the monitoring board MB45 approved and documented for SIL-2 programmed by ies.

SIL-2 development project