Universal cooling solutions for COM modules

Kontron's standardized cooling solutions help reducing costs and increasing performance. With the Uni Cooler, Kontron offers a solution that is suitable for both passive and active cooling and, thanks to its design, helps simplifying warehousing and reducing procurement costs to a minimum.

Passive cooling solutions

With passive cooling solutions for COMe, ETX, Qseven and SMARC, Kontron offers passive cooling solutions for all COM modules. Special solutions for industrial temperature ranges ensure cooling without mechanical wear in harsh environments.

Heat sinks

Heat sinks the size of the computer modules for dissipating heat, mostly with cooling fins, made of aluminium.

Heat spreaders

Aluminium cooling plate the size of the computer module, which is equipped with five to seven spacers and a thermal stack and is mounted onto the module.

Active cooling solutions

With the help of fans, active cooling solutions for processors with high TDP achieve significantly better efficiencies and provide for stronger cooling. In industrial or harsh environments, this type of cooling is often dispensed with due to the mechanical wear caused by the moving fan and passive cooling solutions are used.