High-quality industrial storage solutions

We offer a diversified portfolio of durable, industrial-grade and energy-saving flash memory solutions for various applications. From high-quality NAND and SLC flash to eMMC and M.2 modules, we offer numerous products from renowned memory manufacturers – even for use in extended temperature range.

Memory cards

Sophisticated embedded systems and their applications demand for more powerful yet energy-saving memory cards. In addition to different storage sizes and types, we offer industrial storage solutions with long-term availability and extended temperature range as well as storage systems specially qualified to meet your application's needs.


Particularly fast storage that lives up to its full potential with PCIe x3 and allows for a bandwidth of up to 32 GBit/s which more than five times the speed of SATA3.

SD, miniSD and microSD

microSD (formerly TransFlash) and SD cards are very compact flash memory cards that are electrically compatible. Using an adapter, microSD cards can be converted to SD card format. A microSD card can also be converted to miniSD format using an adapter.

CompactFlash / CFast

CompactFlash memory cards are characterized by high read and write speeds, such as CFast versions with data rates of up to 6 Gbit/s (SATA 3.0). Thus, CFast cards, among other things, are suitable for recording 4k videos.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

NAND chips are the most compact ICs manufactured in bulk and therefore offer an extremely high storage density especially for SSDs. Hence, NAND memories are particularly efficient and cost-effective. Industrial NAND flash solutions are characterised by powerful error correction (ECC) and refined wear-leveling algorithms for longer durability. Further to this, industrial SSDs are extremely suitabile for harsh environmental conditions, such as strong vibrations or shocks, or extreme temperature ranges from -40°C to +90°C. Our flash portfolio includes SLC (Single-Level-Cell), MLC (Multi-Level-Cell), aMLC (advancedMLC) or 3D MLC types from various SSD manufacturers.


eMMC components simplify interface designs of applications and at a low level make the host processor independent of flash memory management. This makes eMMC a popular storage component, especially for mobile devices. Operating temperatures from -40°C to approximately 85°C allow for the use of eMMC as a storage solution in harsh environmental conditions, such as industrial, automotive and transport.

Flash - High-quality industrial storage solutions