Mini-ITX board by Kontron

The embedded Mini-ITX KT­QM77/mITX motherboard manufactured by Kontron comes with the Intel® QM77 Express chipset, guaranteeing long-term availability and the latest interface technology without compromising on the specific requirements that embedded designers have. Up to three independent displays can be connected.


The KTQM77/mITX motherboard provides e.g. 6 x SATA (incl. 2 x SATA III), 4 x USB 3.0 and 10 x USB 2.0 interfaces. Sophisticated graphics performance is supported by 2 x DisplayPort, LVDS/eDP and DVI-I interfaces. Up to 160 GPIOs are supported through the flexible feature connector. On top, these KT embedded motherboards have more PCB layers than conventional motherboards, which allows them to achieve excellent signal quality and electromagnetic compatibility. The on-board mSATA allows space-saving high-speed SSDs to be used for memory.

Kontron’s embedded motherboards support Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT 4.0) for remote management and simplified maintenance, guaranteeing higher system availability while maintaining low operating costs.
If your application requires high-end performance but not the entire range of features of this sophisticated Mini-ITX board, you have the option to equip the board with the HM76 chip set and reduced functionality (1 x LAN, 12 x USB, no firewire, no AMT).