Mini-ITX board by Kontron

The embedded Mini-ITX miTX-E38 motherboard manufactured by Kontron is available for up to seven years and comes with Intel® Atom™ processors of the E3800 SoC series. It does not require additional individual PCB designs and is ready for instant use. Specifically designed to suit industries, this board makes a true difference from other commercial Mini-ITX designs.


Thanks to its ATX compatibility, many common system components can be added, which reduces development workloads to a minimum. This makes an impact on interfaces, too. Not only does it support DisplayPort 1.1a but also 24Bit LVDS. Besides innovative IoT connection via 3G/4G SIM card slots you will still find serial interfaces. The mPCIe slot is supported by mSATA or mPCIe extensions. Operating system and application code are stored on the 16 GB bootable NAND flash memory (eMMC). You may take for granted that numerous standard interfaces like GbE, SATA, USB and others are included on this new Mini-ITX motherboard.