Pico-ITX - Performance auf kleinstem Raum


With a size of just 100 x 72 mm, the Pico-ITX boards count among the smallest industrial single-board computers available for embedded systems. Low power consumption and a wide range of configurations make Pico-ITX SBCs from iesy highly interesting, not only for IoT or MsM applications but also for industry 4.0, medical, laboratory technologies, or transportation.

KTA55/pITX Pi­co-ITX board by Kontron
KTA55/pITX - Pico-ITX Board von Kontron

The Pico-ITX KTA55/pITX motherboard manufactured by Kontron is a compact board based on the AMD embedded G series. Of extremely small footprint and low energy consumption, it represents the quickest and most cost-efficient step into the development of graphic-intense small form factor applications.

pITX-APL Pico-ITX board by Kontron
pITX-APL - Pico-ITX Board von Kontron

The pITX-APL module offered by Kontron is an embedded Pico-ITX board with Intel® Atom™ E39XX and Celeron® N3550 processors and outstanding graphics, supporting three independent displays. Security-critical applications benefit from TPM 2.0 and embedded hardware security.

pITX-E38 Pico-ITX board by Kontron
pITX-E38 - Pico-ITX Board von Kontron

The Pico-ITX pITX-E38 module offered by Kontron is available long-term. It is embedded in the very smallest motherboard form factor (2.5") and equipped with Intel® Atom™ processors of the E3800 SoC series. It can be used out of the box. It comes with an extended temperature range from -25°C to +75° Celsius.

conga-PA5 Pico-ITX board by congatec
conga-PA5 - Pico-ITX Board von congatec

The congatec conga-PA5 in Pico-ITX form factor is a long-term available board with particularly energy-efficient Intel® Atom™ processors (E3930, E3940, E3950), or alternatively more powerful low-power dual core Intel® Celeron® N3350 or quad core Intel® Pentium® N4200 processors.

conga-PA3 Industrial Pico-ITX board by congatec
conga-PA3 - Industrial Pico-ITX Board von congatec

The conga-PA3 Pico-ITX single board computers using Intel® Atom™ E3800 and Celeron™ processors are particularly powerful and energy-efficient. They come with an extended  temperature range for industrial designs from -40 to +85° Celsius. As an added benefit, they offer various internal as well as external interfaces.