COM Express compact type 6 module by Kontron

The COMe-cVR6 delivers a new generation of feature-rich, high-performance Computer-on-Modules based on the standardized COM Express® compact form factor and AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V-Series processors.Through the use of consistent COM Express connectors and feature implementation, the COMe-cVR6 is easily exchangeable.


Besides the high-performance graphics on a SOC level, the COMe-cVR6 offers the option to additionally or alternatively use soldered memory. As a result, the module  provides more thermal or mechanical resistance with up to 8 GB memory down and supports a total of up to 24 GB RAM.

Thanks to the fixed connection, soldered memory modules stay in reliable contact even when exposed to extreme vibrations or shocks and are better to cool. Therefore, customers can choose between greater ruggedness or more storage.

Typical application areas can be found in markets such as entertainment and professional gaming as well as surveillance and medical imaging. In addition, the rugged modules – together with ECC memory support, industrial grade temp. range usage and memory down option – meet the special requirements of applications for the Military/Defense and Transportation market.