COM Express compact type 6 module by congatec

Thanks to its low power consumption and compact form factor, the COM Express compact type 6 module, conga-TCA by congatec, is particularly suited for mobile applications in medicine and automation technology as well as for POS, kiosk systems and digital signage.


A sophisticated consumption and battery management enables long battery times, which is a significant cost-saving aspect in portable devices. Using hyper threading for multi-processing on separate processors, the workload can be shared logically onto four threads of the two physical processor cores. If required, a real-time operating system can be used to keep this safety-critical application on a logical core separate from the graphical user interface, which may be running on a Windows OS.

The absolute highlight of this COM Express module is the outstanding graphics performance of the integrated Intel® GMA 3650 graphics chip which provides 640 MHz, meaning twice as much processing speed compared to the GPU of the previous atom generation. Besides VGA and LVDS, it provides two digital display interfaces for DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI and - as opposed to type 2 modules - they are no longer multiplexed.

Four PCI Express x1 lanes, two SATA 2.0 interfaces, eight USB 2.0 ports, optionally two USB 3.0 ports, plus a gigabit ethernet interface allow for instant and flexible system extension. Fan control, LPC bus for easy connection of legacy I/O interfaces and Intel® high definition audio complete this offer.

The conga-TCA module is equipped with the embedded UEFI firmware solution. The congatec board controller provides a comprehensive set of embedded PC features. Thanks to the independence of the x86 processor, functionalities like system monitoring or I²C bus are faster and more reliable even if the system is in standby mode. A matching evaluation carrier board for COM Express type 6 is also available.