COM Express basic type 6 module by congatec

The conga-TS87 module offers highest levels of performance without loss of energy, particularly in the area of vector computation and floating-point arithmetic, but also in graphics. By improving the existing architecture, efficiency and performance could be enhanced significantly.


Intel® Advanced Vector extensions (Intel® AVX) 2.0 make a significant contribution towards higher performance in the area of floating-point arithmetic. The AVX2 Intel vector unit is integrated in 4th generation processors and allows for more performance in applications for signal and image processing for healthcare and aerospace industries.

Using type 6 pin-out, the conga-TS87 COM Express module leverages the use of integrated graphics with extended digital display interfaces and high bandwidth of USB 3.0 and PCI express 3.0 with additional PCI express lanes. The COM Express module is available with the mobile Intel® QM87 Express chip set and the embedded Intel® Core™ i5-4410E dual core processor with 3MB L2 cache lieferbar. It can be operated at 2.9 GHz with 37 watts TDP. The chip has up to 16 GByte, 1600 MT/s LV 1.35V dual channel DDR3 memory. Integrated graphics, clearly more powerful compared to its predecessor, supports Intel® flexible display interface (FDI), DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4, OpenCL 1.2 and offers highly powerful, flexible hardware decoding for parallel decoding of multiple high-resolution full HD videos. The processor natively supports resolutions of up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (DisplayPort) and 4,096 x 2,304 pixels (HDMI). Additionally, up to three independent display interfaces can be connected via DVI, LVDS and VGA.

Natively supporting USB 3.0, the module guarantees fast data transfer at little energy consumption. A total of eight USB ports is provided, four of which support USB 3.0 super speed. Seven PCI express 2.0 lanes, PCI express graphics 3.0 (PEG) x16 lanes for powerful external graphics cards, four SATA interfaces with up to 6 Gb/s, RAID support plus a 1 gigabit ethernet interface allow for instant and flexible system extension. Fan control, LPC bus for easy connection of legacy I/O interfaces and Intel® high definition audio complete this offer.