Qseven module by Kontron

The Qseven-Q7AMX7 from Kontron is a Qseven module that is equipped with Cortex® A7 Single/Dual i.MX7 processors from NXP as well as up to 64GB eMMC5.0 onboard Flash and 2GB DDR3 RAM. It supports the Qseven 2.1 specification and is designed for use in industrial environments and is suitable for extended temperatures.


The module supports onboard DDR3, NAND, NOR and eMMC memory as well as Gigabit Ethernet, RTC and power management. Furhtermore the Qseven-Q7AMX7 offers a variety of interfaces for connecting external devices via PCIe, WiFi or Bluetooth as well as for GPS, displays, camera and sensors. Kontron's Qseven i.MX7 modules are designed for an extended temperature range of -20° C to 85° C, making them suitable for numerous industrial applications, such as IoT gateways, HMIs, terminals or portable measuring devices, as well as home / factory automation and medical imaging. The Cortex® A7 Single/Dual i.MX7 processor from Qualcom® / NXP offers support for thumb 2 instructions, vector floating point operations (VFP) and TrustZone.

The Qseven-Q7AMX7 module offers the following features: 5x USB 2.0, 1x USB2.0 OTG, 1x serial interface, 1x HD audio, 1x I2S, 1x I2C, 1x SPI, 1x camera interface (2x MIPI CSI), 8x GPIO and 1x CAN. Kontron offers the operating system Yocto Linux for the Q7AMX7 module.