Kontron - KBox Familie


Kontron's IoT-enabled KBox family is an industrial computer platform that makes production and maintenance processes predictable in networked environments. Designed for smart automation, it optimizes the usability of the overall system and lowers total cost of ownership without compromising innovation potential.

KBox A-103 Kontron
KBox A-103 - Kontron

With the Intel Atom™ processors up to Intel® Quad Core™ E3845 and a wide range of functions and interfaces, the KBox A-103 is ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) using the GPRS, WIFI, or LTE options via the miniPCIe interface. The KBox A-103 is based on a modular approach that ensures simple upgrades to the next processor generation (“Forever Young”) for changing performance requirements.

KBox A-203 Kontron
KBox A-203 - Kontron

The compact industrial computing platform KBox A-203 is perfectly suited for gateway applications. Based on the latest Intel Atom® E3900 line processors, the low-maintenance, fanless and battery-free Kontron KBox A-203 serves an intelligent gateway for data-intensive IoT edge applications. Areas of use include the industrial automation sector in particular as well as the transportation and communications field.

KBox A-150-HSW Kontron
KBox A-150-HSW - Kontron

The new KBox A-150-HSW, developed specifically for control cabinet applications, offers flexible DIN Rail mounting positions even when space is limited. The fanless design ensures a significantly prolonged lifespan and high system availability. The KBox A-150-HSW offers high processor performance at low power dissipation by an Intel® Core™ i5-4300U processor.

KBox B-201 Kontron
KBox B-201 - Kontron

The KBox B-201 is characterized by high performance levels requiring little space. The Box PC can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. The KBox B-201’s typical application areas are manufacturing executive systems (MES) in the automation pyramid, plant data collection as well as image processing tasks.

KBox C-101 Kontron
KBox C-101 - Kontron

The KBox C-101 of Kontron's KBox family is designed for industrial use in control cabinets in book size format. The Box PC's system is fanless, battery-free, without a rotating hard disk drive and maintenance-free. The KBox C-101 can be extended with standard PCIe and mPCIe cards and is extremely flexible. In addition, the fanless Box PC is individually configurable for OEM customers and suitable for various applications.

KBox C-102 Kontron
KBox C-102 - Kontron

Kontron's KBox C-102 series is designed for the industrial control cabinet environment. The systems are highly scalable and ensure simple upgrades whenever needed based on COMe modules. The availability of different housing options guarantees mounting even when space is limited. The KBox C-102 series is based on high-performance processors with Intel® 6th Gen Core™ or Intel® XEON® E3.