Conformity Testing

Modern embedded systems have to operate under extreme climatic conditions and temperatures - ideally with passive cooling. iesy has developed a number of innovative solutions and applications for computer systems and components in the past that meet the highest requirements for temperature, humidity and other external influences. To verify the smooth operation of our systems and modules in interaction with your applications, we offer a range of test agents and setups.

EMC testing, Environmental Assessment & Certification

For more than 10 years iesy has been collaborating with certified EMC laboratories to prove, if requested by customers, compliance with all relevant EMC standards for self-developed modules. Further to this we provide inhouse-examination of circuit- and field-related interferences to electronic PCBs.

In addition to important environmental conditions, such as operating temperature, humidity and electromagnetic compatibility, crucial to most fields of application for industrial computers, iesy also offers separate certifications to demonstrate the suitability, such as SIL (Safety Integrity Level), CSA or specific evidence for medical, automotive or military applications.

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Conformity Testing

Compliance with international standards.