More than 50 years of experience in the verification and commissioning of complex systems and structures speak for iesy. All approval processes are consistently and comprehensibly documented, which is a prerequisite for a sustained product quality of our custom-designed and manufactured computer modules - be it prototypes, plants or series devices that need to be commissioned.

At iesy we follow the dual control principle, in which the person in charge for commissioning systematically executes the release procedure previously created to review the given design quality in consultation with the responsible development team. Issues and recommendations arising in the course are directly being integrated into the redesign of a computer module. All procedures neccessary for the testing and commissioning of electronic systems and components are documented in comprehensive testing directions. Throughout the assessment of serial devices a project-specific test protocol is created and attached to each delivered module.

The clear assignment and management of serial numbers is an important element within the obligation to completely document all manufacturing and commissioning steps. iesy has developed its own comprehensive software solution to accomplish this task as a part of the iesy project management system.

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More than 50 years of experience.