Data logging

Fail-safe hardware in a small formfactor

iesy has been developing small, fanless chassis units for 24/7 operation, used for example in data logging applications or production data acquisition. Various legal regulations and safety precautions are some challenges iesy is used to deal with. Further to this, requirements for process & operational reliability need to be met. At the same time customers ask for compact designs and low power consumption in addition to a virtually maintenance-free design of the system concept. In numerous projects for Avionics & Defence iesy system developments have proven that really simple technical solutions are iesy. Particularly compact fanless systems are based on Qseven or SMARC modules and hence cater for sustainability and expandability.

System development from hardware to construction

Full service at iesy means that all tasks from hardware-design to construction as well as general design issues, will be taken over by iesy. This also includes the complete electronic development, prototyping and functional model creation, all certification issues as well as important parts of the software development, such as for example the general operating system design and programming, as well as programming and integration of custom drivers and libraries and the creation of important test and configuration tools for linking and embedding project-specific application software.

Betriebsdatenerfassung für sicherheitskritische Anwendungsbereiche