Terminals for Point of Sale

Interactive kiosk- and retail terminals

Technology is penetrating all areas of life, especially services. At the airport check-in terminals take over the work of staff and ensure shorter queues. Only few people go to the bank teller since there are ATMs and self-service stations. Even gas stations nowadays offer interactive kiosk systems. Embedded Systems conquer the Point of Sale and international market leaders choose customized hardware made by iesy.

Powerful, small, scalable

Kiosk systems are often subject to unfavorable weather conditions and therefore have to withstand an extended temperature range. Tough working conditions for computer systems. iesy delivers custom hardware based on COM Express or the embedded NUC™ standard for different applications. The embedded NUC™ form factor is a convincing one because of its small size, excellent performance and passive cooling, as well as a variety of interfaces. Building upon the Qseven module concept, PoS solutions based on embedded NUC™ are equally sustainable and powerful.

If more power is needed at the POS, iesy also offers COM Express solutions. Incidentally, now also combined with the embedded NUC™ form factor. Ask us for references for the development of customized solutions for point of sales terminals and kiosks.

Interaktive Kiosk Terminals mit kundenspezifischer Hardware