Ticket vending machines

Solutions for public and private transport

Embedded systems by iesy are at the core of many ticket vending machines. Competence at the Point of Sale (PoS) is one of the strengths of iesy. Especially with ticket machines, the requirements on technology are high: availability (24/7), low power consumption, extended temperature range, vibration resistance and scalability are just some aspects that are imposed upon embedded computer systems.

Modular for customer-specific requirements

There is a variety of ticketing solutions in the market: Stationary and mobile ticket vending machines, card or cash payment, video and audio support and many other individual requirements. Modular solutions from iesy help manufacturers of POS systems, to operate efficiently and flexible.

At the same time, custom embedded solutions by iesy are a synonym for quality made in Germany. Durability and long-term availability are part of our self-understanding. Moreover solutions by iesy are convincing in terms of price and performance. Especially in the field of public transportation these are important arguments when it comes to developing new equipment for the public sector.

Fahrkartenautomat für den ÖPNV an einem Bahnsteig