Mitgliedschaften - Engagiert und gut vernetzt


iesy assumes responsibility. We want to help shape the future. That’s why we are a member of various associations and institutions. More than that, we take our Corporate Citizenship engagement seriously and share our expertise with excellence networks and standardization committees.

The OWL Electronics Forum
Elektronik-Forum OWL

The OWL Electronics Forum is an open network of companies from the electronics industry in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region and beyond. Founded in 2011, it aims at intensifying the exchange of information between mid-sized businesses in that region. The network partners mutually support each other in the research and marketing of innovative products and technologies.

EtherCAT Group
EtherCAT Group

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is based in Nuremberg. Home to around 3,000 member companies, it is the world’s largest industrial Ethernet user organization. The organization's goal is to support companies in the implementation and use of EtherCAT network architectures as well as the ongoing development of "Open Technology" based on EtherCAT technologies.

IoTA - Internet of Things Alliance
IoTA - Internet of Things Alliance

IoTA is a consortium of organizations pursuing a common goal: The developmment of practice-orientated Internet of Things solutions for the industry based on open standards. It is IoTA’s task to bring together potential customers and suppliers, to inform and offer support as well as to advise and contribute to the development of standards.


This network is the organizational hub for all players in IT security in NRW, focussing on the promotion of cooperation between science, business and multipliers. Featuring expertise on a broad range, nrw.uniTS provides direct access to potential business partners, develops markets and promotes technologies as well as product innovations.

Stan­dar­di­za­ti­on Group for Em­bed­ded Tech­no­lo­gies e.V. (SGET)

SGET e.V. The Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V. (SGET), based in Munich, defines, develops and publishes standards for Embedded Computing. The association’s management aims at implementing a non-bureaucratic, quick and simplified procedure for the adoption of industry-specific standards. So far, it has published the following hardware standards: SMARC, Qseven and embedded NUC.

Technologies for Children Association
Technik für Kinder e.V.

“Fascination through hands-on experience” is the motto of this association: Children and youths are introduced to technologies and their fascination is kindled by encouraging them to experiment for themselves. It is one step further towards developing young talents, opposing the shortage of specialists prevalent in Germany, securing our innovative potential and ultimately, the economic future of Germany.