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Easy, quick and straightforward - this is how our clients define what it’s like working with us. Our mission is to improve a little every day and to provide optimum support for your questions and challenges. Whether advice or assistance, the team at iesy is always at your side. Jointly we will find the solution that is just right for you! Get in touch with us.

Martin Steger

M.Eng. Martin Steger

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Steger has been with iesy since April 2000. From 2006 to 2008, as Product Line Sales Manager, he was responsible for the acquisition and development of customer-specific projects at Kontron in Kaufbeuren. Martin Steger holds a degree in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University and has been Managing Director of iesy since October 2008.

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Ralf Wardenbach

 Ralf Wardenbach

Head of Project Management & Officer with Procurement

Ralf Wardenbach (p.p.) joined iesy in February 2006 and heads the departments Project Management, Planning & Design. He coordinates the scheduling of all operations and orders as well as the availability of required resources. For many customers, Ralf Wardenbach is also the direct contact for technical details.

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Dennis Nejdrowski

 Dennis Nejdrowski

Head of Business Development

Dennis Nejdrowski has been responsible for Strategic Business Development as Head of Business Development since October 2019. In his business career, he worked in international projects concerning Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and Internet of Things. Based on these experiences, Dennis Nejdrowski will focus mainly on innovative areas.

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Ilja Stotz

 Ilja Stotz

Key Account Manager

Ilja Stotz has been working as a Key Account Manager for iesy since March 2016. As a Global Sales Support, FAE and most recently as Channel Manager DACH, he was responsible for the acquisition and development of customer-specific projects at Kontron's Augsburg location between 2005 and 2016. Ilja Stotz is responsible for Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He works in Munich.

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Volker Delschen

 Volker Delschen

Inside Sales

Volker Delschen has been working for iesy since December 2003 as part of the internal services team. He is responsible for coordinating all inquiries regarding products and repair orders. Volker Delschen always has an open ear for customers and potential clients and is at your service to answer questions or accept orders.

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Christopher Nenn

 Christopher Nenn

Head of RMA and Repair

Christopher Nenn has been working as a test engineer at iesy in the test field since July 2011. In addition to his experience in various projects and the large product range of iesy, he brings additional technical know-how to the team through his further education as a state-certified engineer. Since mid 2015 he is in charge of the RMA department. Christopher Nenn is therefore the first contact person for customers when it comes to repairing and managing RMA processes.

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Michelle Galensa

Marketing Manager

Michelle Galensa joined iesy's marketing team in December 2016. Her experience in organizing events makes her a competent contact for all events and trade fairs. As a digital marketing professional, she is furthermore responsible for all online and social media activities and is the person in charge for all corporate design questions.

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Manuela Marcus

Human Resources Manager

Manuela Marcus has been HR Specialist at iesy since March 2019. As a trained Employer Brand Manager, she drives internal processes of employer positioning and ensures authentic personnel marketing. Manuela Marcus is the first point of contact for applicants.

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Christian Biermann

 Christian Biermann

Head of Embedded Software

Christian Biermann has been working at iesy since March 1989 and is one of its longest standing employees. He heads the software development & IT department and is involved in many projects due to his extensive knowledge of embedded operating systems, security and real-time communication.

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Andrew Brieden

 Andrew Brieden

Head of Support & IT

Andrew Brieden joined iesy in August 2008. After his training as IT specialist for system integration, he took over the technical support and has been coordinating all inquiries in this area ever since. He also supports internal IT with his expertise in Microsoft client and server applications.

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Christoph Cremer

 Christoph Cremer

Head of Quality Assurance & Process Management

Since May 2012, Christoph Cremer has been a competent contact person at iesy for all topics relating to the development process and the quality of our products. With over 20 years of professional experience in electronics manufacturing and quality control, he also accompanies the auditing of our products and service providers.

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Patrick Keitsch

 Patrick Keitsch

Head of Production

Patrick Keitsch has been with iesy since June 2014.  As a trained electronics technician for devices and systems, specializing in automation, he brings his knowledge to production. After 3 more years at iesy, he took over the management of production. This includes robotic, mechanics and final assembly.

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Viktor Mierau

M.Eng. Viktor Mierau

Head of Hardware Engineering

Viktor Mierau joined iesy in August 2010. As Head of Hardware Engineering, he and his team are working on new products and innovative approaches for future-oriented electronic solutions. He holds a degree in engineering and, with his analytical and technical skills, acts as an interface to the test field and as a contact for technology trends.

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Martin Hein

M.Eng. Martin Hein

Head of Test Department

Martin Hein heads iesy's Test Facility since August 2015 and is responsible for major aspects of either product development and quality assurance. He holds a degree in computer science and has profound knowledge in the development of software and hardware, which he uses profitably to develop and improve test procedures at iesy.

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Kathrin Krötz

 Kathrin Krötz

Head of Operational Procurement

Kathrin Krötz has been with iesy since 1987, with interruptions, and is one of its long-standing employees. As head of operative purchasing activities, she coordinates all procurement and stockholding issues. Suppliers appreciate the cooperation with her due to her negotiating skills and tenacity as well as her fairness.

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Katrin Schmitz

 Katrin Schmitz

Accounting & Controlling

Katrin Schmitz, daughter of the founder of our company, has been responsible for human resources and accounting at iesy since January 1997. She is also the person in charge for numerous organisational questions.

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Christine Degen

 Christine Degen

Administration & Order Processing

 Christine Degen has been employed by iesy since April 2002. At the switchboard she is often the first contact person in the company and also takes care of many administrative matters. Her work focuses on order processing and dunning.

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