Display technology

Hardware-based display manager

Highly specialized monitor solutions for medical technologies require custom-designed hardware and software, a field in which iesy excels: We offer high quality and innovative approaches to solutions plus a broad range of services, from conceptual design to certification and manufacturing. In this particular case we developed a hardware-based display manager based on COM Express.

Monitors used for diagnosis purposes in healthcare must provide particular precision and comply with a large number of strictly defined quality standards. Additionally, the specific requirements of each specialty or examination must be considered. In this particular high-quality display solution we used very compact hardware based on COM Express which offers high computing performance, passive cooling and cost-efficiency. Beyond conceptual design and development of hardware and customized operating system, iesy also conducted the testing for this computing platform according to international standards. Having been adapted in the meantime, this solution has been an integral part of a leading manufacturer’s product portfolio for many product generations.

Technical data

  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ N270
  • Processor clock speed: 1.6 GHz
  • Consumption: approx. 3 W TDP
  • 2nd level cache: 512 kB
  • Storage: up to 8GB Flash onboard
  • Cooling: passive, cooling ribs
  • BIOS: custom BIOS
  • PCB size: 96 mm × 96 mm × 35 mm
  • Operating system: Embedded Linux

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