Cooling solution for computer on modules

Well-grounded cooling concepts have a positive effect on both quality and total cost of ownership (TCO). With congatec's efficient passive cooling solutions (heatpipe, heatspreader, thermal stack) you achieve higher performance and less wear in operation, even for powerful TDP processors. 

Passive cooling solutions

congatec offers numerous passive cooling solutions for SMARC, Qseven, COM Express and ETX/XTX, such as heat sink (CSP), heatspreader (HSP) or heat pipe (HP). These fanless cooling solutions prevent mechanical wear and tear, which is why these solutions are preferred in industrial and harsh environments.

Heat sinks

Heat sinks the size of the computer module for dissipating heat, mostly with cooling fins made of aluminium.

Heat spreaders

Aluminium cooling plate the size of the computer module equipped with five to seven spacers and a thermal stack, mounted onto the module.

Heat pipes

Modern CPUs generate more heat per unit area. congatec's new patent-pending cooling concept for COM-Express modules paves the way for future performance growth.

Active cooling solutions

By combining heat pipe and active cooling through fans, congatec cooling solutions offer particularly high efficiency for high-performance processors with high TDP. Active fan-driven heat sinks are only available for COM Express and ETX/XTX.