High-quality industrial storage solutions

Modern pcs use different types of RAM. Especially for embedded systems it is important to get high-quality DDR components, which have been evaluated for your modules, boards and systems and are long-term available. We offer SRAM and DRAM solutions from various manufacturers and support you in qualifying them for your product.

DRAM modules

Our Dyanmic RAM components are designed to especially meet the requirements of embedded systems. They are characterized by low power consumption, due to low-voltage option. Furthermore DDR3 or DDR4 are particularly suitable devices for demanding graphics applications and, in the case of DDR4, for applications that require a higher bandwidth. If your application requires components for legacy systems, such as DDR1 or DDR2, we would love to hear from you. We also offer support for qualifying the memory.

SRAM modules

SRAM cells require more chip space than DRAM due to their more complex structure. In comparison however, the memory can be read more quickly and has very low power requirements in static operation. In addition, SRAM does not require periodic refreshing to avoid data loss as long as an operating voltage is present. These features make SRAM modules a good choice in specific embedded applications, such as internet of things or wearables.

RAM - Static and dynamic memory