Mini-ITX board by congatec

Due to the scalability of congatec's conga-IT6 Mini-ITX motherboard it enables flexible high-end performance classes from Intel® Core i7™ and Intel® Xeon® E3 processors up to upcoming designs - for example based on the AMD Zen architecture.


The embedded motherboard also increases the long-term benefits of existing Mini-ITX motherboard designs, as discontinued processors can be easily updated with new modules without any modifications to the motherboard.

Currently, the performance range extends from Intel® Atom™, Celeron® and Pentium® processors via the AMD Embedded G and R series to Intel® Core™ i7 and Xeon® E3 processors of the 7th generation. With the latter, the new conga-IT6 becomes an extremely powerful Mini-ITX board with a long-term availability not offered by any other embedded computing manufacturer so far. Customers can choose from a total of 11 different processor variants.

A PCIe graphics slot is available for the connection of high-performance graphics cards and GPGPUs, which can connect up to 16 lanes depending on the module. A miniPCIe port and 4x USB are available for further peripherals. Monitors can be connected via 2x HDMI, 2x DP as well as via LVDS, eDP and VGA outputs. 2x 1 GbE, one of which is implemented via a dedicated Intel® i211 network controller, as well as a micro-SIM slot offer flexible networking options for the conga-ITX motherboard. For storage media there is a microSD as well as 2x SATA Gen3 and M.2 Type B socket, which supports the fast Intel® Optane™ memory. On embedded interfaces, the motherboard executes 4x COM (232/422/485), 1x GPIO (4x GPIs, 4x GPOs and 16x GPIOs), 1x I²C bus. The power supply is very flexible via internal and external Wide range inputs (12 VDC to 24 VDC) and with Smart Battery Management Support, even battery-powered mobile applications are possible.