Qseven is a compact form factor (70 mm x 70 mm) for mobile and ultramobile embedded applications. Key benefits of the legacy-free Qseven standards are their compactness, small overall height, minimum power supply and suitability for systems with fanless cooling. Moreover, they enable the use of x86 and ARM architecture through a modular approach.

conga-QA3 Qseven module by congatec
conga-QA3 - Qseven Modul von congatec

The congatec Qseven conga-QA3 module is available in five different Intel® Atom™ processor versions (Bay Trail) for high levels of scalability. Versions available range from the single core basic Intel® Atom™ processor with energy-efficient consumption to quad core Intel® Atom™ processor.

conga-QA4 Qseven module by congatec
conga-QA4 - Qseven Modul von congatec

The congatec Qseven conga-QA4 module is available in three different processor versions (Intel code name Braswell) for high levels of scalability. They range from the dual core basic 1.6/2.08 GHz Intel® Celeron® N3050 to quad core 1.6/2.4 GHz Intel® Pentium® N3700 processor.

conga-QA5 Qseven module by congatec
conga-QA5 - Qseven Modul von congatec

Real-time enabled, the congatec Qseven conga-QA5 module is equipped with particularly energy-efficient Intel® Atom™ processors (E3930, E3940 and E3950) for the extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, or with dual core Intel® Celeron® N3350 and quad core Intel® Pentium® N4200 processors.

conga-QA6 Qseven module by congatec
conga-QA6 - Qseven Modul von congatec

The Qseven small form factor conga-QA6 module comes equipped with the new Intel® Atom(TM) processor series and the Intel® EG20T platform controller hub for the industrial temperature range. All components of this design have specifications for environmental temperatures between -40 to +85°C.

conga-QAF Qseven module by congatec
conga-QAF - Qseven Modul von congatec

Based on AMD Fusion technology, the Qseven conga-QAF module for the first time combines low power consumption with dual core computing and high graphics performance in the smallest form factor. This makes the Qseven module ideally suited for mobile, cost-sensitive applications for visualization and control.

conga-QG Qseven module by congatec
conga-QG - Qseven Modul von congatec

The Qseven conga-QG module offers a total of three processors of the AMD embedded G series SOC platform, e.g. AMD GX-210HA 1.0 GHz dual core (L2 cache 1MB) with 9 watts tdDesign power (TDP) and AMD GX-210JA 1.0 GHz dual core (L2 cache 1MB) with 6 watts TDP.

conga-QMX6 Qseven module by congatec
conga-QMX6 - Qseven Modul von congatec

The Qseven conga-QMX6 module is equipped with a Freescale i.MX6 processor. It is scalable from single to dual or even quad core processor while always maintaining the same levels of energy efficiency. It also provides a very sophisticated, high-end, 3D-enabled HD graphics interface.

conga-QMX8 SMARC module by congatec
conga-QMX8 - SMARC Modul von congatec

The new conga-QMX8 module by congatec with NXP i.MX8 real-time processors are of great interest for a wide range of in-vehicle, stationary and industrial applications, as the processors integrate up to four cores and high-performance graphics for up to four independent displays with low energy consumption.

conga-UMX6 Qseven module by congatec
conga-UMX6 - Qseven Modul von congatec

The Qseven conga-UMX6 module is the first ultra-compact µQse­ven-Modul (µQ7) with a size as small as 70 mm x 40 mm. The conga-UMX6 computer-on-module (COM) is equipped with the Freescale i.​MX6 ARM Cortex A9 processor family and provides a very sophisticated high-end, 3D-enabled HD graphics interface.

Qseven-Q7AL (E2) Qseven module by Kontron
Qseven-Q7AL (E2) - Qseven Modul von Kontron

Kontron's Qseven-Q7AL module is equipped with Intel Atom®, Pentium® or Celeron® processors and up to 32GB eMMC 5.0 flash memory onboard, depending on requirements. With the particularly economical and powerful Qseven modules, industrial solutions requiring extended temperature range can easily be realized.

Qseven-Q7AMX7 Qseven module by Kontron
Qseven-Q7AMX7 - Qseven Modul von Kontron

The Qseven-Q7AMX7 from Kontron is a Qseven module that is equipped with Cortex® A7 Single/Dual i.MX7 processors from NXP as well as up to 64GB eMMC5.0 onboard Flash and 2GB DDR3 RAM. It supports the Qseven 2.1 specification and is designed for use in industrial environments and is suitable for extended temperatures.